Spirit of the Himalayas : Why do you need to sign in?

While browing our website, you may be asked to sign-in. This is required when you request some detailed information like a trekking map, a rafting itenary or holiday booking.

You need to log-in to the website in order to access these information. The primary reason for logging in is that you may book these itenaries or view the detailed maps directly from the website, also there are links from where you may contact us directly. Since this feature may be misused, to verify the authenticity, this simple measure of allowing only registered users to access these features is in place.

Please rest assured that the information you provide while signing in i.e. your email address which becomes your user id, this information will not be shared with anyone, the other details like your name, city and country are required only in case you forget your user id, and want to retrieve it. There is no other requirement for these details.

If you have any other queries regarding the working of the website, please contact the Webmaster of Spirit of the Himalayas website at webmaster@spiritofthehimalayas.com

The Webmaster & the spiritofthehimalayas.com team

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